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I am SO EXCITED to share with you guys the new site we created for Jessica Douglas Photography. When Jess and I first met, she told me how she had been up at 3 am feeding her newborn when she came across some work I had done for her friend Cacie Caroll, and she knew […]

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Guys! I’m so excited to share the launch of the new custom brand and Showit website for Hannah Ruth Photography. When Hannah first approached me, she told me that she knew she needed some changes to her brand and website. She felt like she had outgrown them and needed a more professional online presence that […]

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When Caitlin and I first met, the only place she had to show her work was on her Instagram. While everything was going well, Caitlin knew that she needed a professional brand and website to grow her business even further.

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Having fresh brand photos is essential for every service-based business. Not only does it keep your look updated, but it helps to create content for social media, and helps to build that know-like-trust factor that we are always trying to build. But knowing where to start when it comes to having a brand shoot can be hard! Do you start with the photographer? Where should the shoot be? What do you wear? All great questions friend! I’m going to answer all of those, and walk you through exactly how I went about my most recent brand shoot so you can feel prepared for your next one too.

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I’m Amanda, and I work with busy, creative women who are ready to stop wasting so much time, money, and effort and finally have a brand and website they can feel confident in. 
I give them the tools to look and feel totally confident with their brand and websites because we’ve strategically built them from the ground up. As a Showit design partner with a BFA in Graphic Design, over nine years of design under my belt and six years of designing websites for corporate companies, I have the knowledge and expertise to create a bullet-proof plan for marketing your business with confidence.