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How To Choose a Business Name In 2019

These days, it’s so hard to choose your business name. With so many people opening up shop to start their own small business, it’s easy to get frustrated coming up with a name for your business. You’ve got an idea of what you want to make or how you want to serve your audience, but […]

September 21, 2019

Branding, Business Tips

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How to Create an Effective Color Palette for your Creative Business

One of the main pillars of your brand is having a well-rounded color palette. But how the heck do you pick colors that represent your brand? And how many should you choose? And what about picking colors that go well together? All great questions my friend. With every branding project, I hand-pick a set of […]

March 24, 2019

How to create a color palette

Branding, Business Tips

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The 6 Signs Your Business Needs a Rebrand Now

It’s not always easy to know if your bustling business is ready for a rebrand. If you are noticing a trend of the items below, chances are you’re ready for to take your brand to the next level. #1 Your values and vision aren’t reflected. Whether you’ve had the same brand for 12 years or […]

November 13, 2018


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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Logo

A logo is arguably a business’ most valuable asset. No other part of your business can build brand recognition quite like a logo. So why is it that often small business owners choose a template logo that has been ‘customized’ with their business name? When you are trying to grow your business, why not invest […]

October 22, 2018

Branding, Business Tips

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