Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You’ve got an amazing set of offerings,

but you’re frustrated and overwhelmed trying to piece together your brand. Or you don’t have the time or expertise to put together a website that sells. 

Do you ever wish you could just have someone to create the right visual brand for your business, design a website, and then teach you everything you need to know to keep that consistency going day-in and day out? 

hello there

I’m Amanda, and I work with busy, creative women who are ready to stop wasting so much time, money, and effort and finally have a visual brand and website they can feel confident in. 

I give them the tools to look and feel totally confident with their brand and websites because we’ve strategically built them from the ground up. With a BFA in Graphic Design, over nine years of design under my belt and four years of designing websites for corporate companies, I have the knowledge and expertise to create a bullet-proof plan for marketing your business with confidence.

I know how it goes, friend! The good news? You’re in the right spot.

I’m here to help.

Stamps of approval

I used to think I’d never have a nice brand or website. When I met with Amanda, she explained the process so well and that made me realize I could handle it. Oh and I LOVED our video chats! I have been told my website is the most beautiful site people have ever seen. It doesn’t look like everything out there. Now I have confidence and I understand how to use my brand and website going forward."

—Emilee Dahl, Life Chapters Photography

"Amanda has given me confidence and drive to the best version of myself as a person and as a business owner.

We needed an entire brand identity and a website that seamlessly flowed together. I loved seeing something go from just a feeling, idea, and concept, and turn into a brand that our customers recognize!"

—Brittany Moore, Western Organic Family Farms

"Amanda understood the exact feeling and message we were trying to create with our brand and never tried to turn it into something it wasn’t.

We absolutely loved working with Amanda. I was apprehensive when looking for someone to do our branding and website design after having other experiences I was not quite satisfied with, but I knew Amanda was the perfect fit during our initial meeting. She quickly understood the vibe we were wanting, and her enthusiasm was contagious!

I loved the whole process! She created a comprehensive branding package for us and a beautiful website. 

—Elizabeth Sieverkropp, Farm Fresh Wheat

"I know our website will give us a competitive advantage because of it's attractive design and ease of use.

"My new brand and website showcases the bride I want to attract!

Before I hired Amanda, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea where to start or what I wanted. I just knew I needed a new brand and website to attract brides that would spend top-dollar on their wedding photography. Amanda made me feel like she'd take care of everything and that I had nothing to worry about. Since working with her I have received tons of compliments on how gorgeous the website looks. I can't wait to see the business it brings me!"

—Liz Courtney, Liz Courtney Photography

"The customer service and support I received throughout our project together is an intangible element that I just can't put a price on.

Before I found Amanda I felt frustrated. I had worked with a couple of new designers who couldn't bring my vision to life. I needed a true professional with that 'it' factor. I feared investing in something and being underwhelmed with the results. Enter, Amanda. She simply 'got it.' She extracted every part of my vision, and wouldn't stop until I was 110% over the moon with it. She’s a true advocate for going 'above and beyond!' I spent a whole year without a website, so finally checking off this box is a huge weight off my shoulders."

—Dani Paige, Dani Paige Online

Kayden is the guy who keeps me grounded, but tells me to shoot for the stars all at the same time. I was lucky enough to steal him off the market in June 2015 (sorry ladies!). He’s the best adventure buddy and kindest soul I’ve ever met. He also knows to keep emergency snacks on hand for when I get a little hangry.

My Main Man


I’m low-key obsessed with our Aussie pups, Hallie and Kihei. Like, no joke. They can usually be found sitting on my feet while I’m working away or living their best life chasing the ball around the yard.
(Are they cute or what?!)

The Pups


Fries, chips, popcorn, you name it, I can’t get enough of my salty snacks. True story: I’ve been told more than once how impressive the speed at which I finish a bag of chips is. 
My current faves: Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn and Hint of Lime Tortilla chips.

Salty Snacks 


Nothing makes me happier than kicking back at the end of the day and watching ‘Friends’. I won’t admit to you how many times I’ve seen the entire series-15 times-OKAY maaaybe 20. But can you blame me? I can’t get enough of the back and forth between Ross and Rachel!



My husband loves this, but when I’m stressed my favorite thing to do is whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Nothing else can melt away stress like milk n’ cookies, right?



Moscow Mule that is. I’ve been obsessed with the drink since the first time my sweet mom-in-law made me one. The secret to the perfect mule? Cock n’ Bull ginger beer and Ocean Vodka, friends. (Seriously, go try it and try to tell me I’m wrong.)

Moscow mules


My dad made a career out of being in the Air Force being a badass weapons guy. That meant we moved every 2-3 years and it was always an adventure. And because I know you are going to ask: I was born in England (cool, right?!) then proceeded to move to Germany, New Mexico, North Dakota, Alaska and Idaho.

I’m a military child


A few of my favorite things...